Users Module

Most of Fresh Vine requires a user account to access. This makes the creation and management of these user accounts very important. Great effort has gone into simplifying the creation and management of these accounts.

Every person should use their own user account. There is no limit to the number of users that you can have with your Fresh Vine account. Avoid user accounts designed to be shared with a group of people. These are personal user account. Don't share!

There are 2 types of Accounts: Portal and Leader.

Signing Into Fresh Vine

You can sign into your Fresh Vine account by using the Fresh Vine Login Screen

Forgetting your Password

This will eventually happen to people in your organization. There are two ways to reset a password. The user can either do it themselves, or you can do it for them.

Resetting my own Password

On any of the login forms you will see a button beneath the login button that says 'Forgot my Password'. Clicking that link will activate the forgotten password form. This allows you to submit your email address and then Fresh Vine will send you a one-time use reset password link. This link must be used within 2 hours (if you are outside of that 2 hour window a new link will be sent to you).

If the email does not show you should contact an administrator for your organization who can find the link you need on the 'User Account' page of your profile. Providing that link to them over email, or messaging will allow them to reset their password.

The page that the email links you to will only have one field for your password. Enter what you would like your password to be an it will be updated, and you will be logged into Fresh Vine. You should be sent to whatever content you were attempting to access during your initial login.

If you are already logged in you can update your password by editing your account.

Resetting Another Users Password

If you have the ability to manage user accounts then you can reset passwords for users. We discourage this practice, but you simply navigate to the 'User Account' page of their profile. When you click on the Edit Account button the modal which loads will allow you to manage their account. This includes the ability to define a password for them. When resetting a password for someone over the phone it is helpful to give them a simple to remember phrase like "goldfishcrackers".

Encourage these users to change their password after they log in. When possible do not send any user passwords over email, or messaging services. If you must do not also include or reference their username.

Portal Accounts

These are the main user accounts for Fresh Vine. Most of your community will get a portal account. This only gives them access to use the Community Portal. There are access to manage for these accounts. They are restricted to content related to their person profile. What they can do in the portal depends on which modules are enabled by you. Users are able to sign up for a portal account on their own.

Creating Portal accounts is possible when the portal is enabled.

Who can Create an Account

There are three possible ways to set the openness of your Community Portal. This is defined on the portal overview page and can be set as one of the following. These options are listed from most restrictive to most open.

  • Invitations to those Visible on Portal Roster: This uses the filtered list for the Portal Roster as a verification for who can register.
  • Invitations to everyone In Fresh Vine: As long as their email address is associated with a profile in Fresh Vine they can register
  • Open Registration to Anyone: Anyone can create an account.

When deciding how open to make your organization you should consider how you plan on using the portal. It is possible to further restrict the Roster to keep that data more private. If you do choose to not have open registration then you will be limiting the people who can do the other great things the portal does.

Signing up for a User Account

From the main login page, or from anywhere in the Portal a user will be able to sign up. The form is only 4 fields (First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password). When the email address is entered it is checked against your existing profiles in Fresh Vine. If a match is found the user will not be allowed to create an account directly, but instead will need to respond to an email invitation they can send to themselves. This ensures that people are not duplicated in your Fresh Vine - and ensures that when they do log in they have access to all their data.

Fresh Vine User Sign up Screen

If a users email address is not already associated with a profile in your Fresh Vine they can create an account. If it is, then they will need to respond to an invite (see below).

Sending out Invites

Invitations can be sent in mass or individually. When you are doing the initial on boarding of Fresh Vine the mass invitation tool is helpful. Mass invitations can be sent from the Portal module in the leaders site. You do need access to manage user accounts to send out the invitations.

The primary way that people will receive invitations is by requesting one be sent to them. You can just send your entire organization over to your Fresh Vine URL and they can then start the sign up process. If their email address is found to already be associated with a profile they will be prompted to receive an invitation. This is what the sign up form will look like for them.

Fresh Vine User Invite Screen

The invitation is a very simple email with a link inside. By receiving the email and clicking the link they have verified that they are the profile in question. This allows Fresh Vine to safely assume that the user in question is the person on the roster. When we create the account it will be associated with that your profile. This will allow them to see their data when they access the portal for the very first time.

If the email does not show you should contact an administrator for your organization who can find the link you need on the 'User Account' page of your profile. Providing that link to them over email, or messaging will allow them to finalize their user account.

Below is an example of what the form looks like that the invitation sends them to. It is simple and straight forward. All they need to do at this point is choose a password and they will be logged in to Fresh Vine.

Finalize Screen

Leader Accounts

Think of a leader account as a user account with . Anyone who you need to do more gets a leader account. These accounts are also given access to the Leaders site, and possibly the Concierge - if their permissions allow for it. Permissions must be set explicitly for each account. Leader accounts must be created/initiated by another Leader account with access to manage user accounts.

Upgrading a Portal Account

If the person who needs leader access already has a user account this process is even easier. Simply navigate to their profile and then go to their User Account page. Click on to the Edit Account button. From this window you can change their account to Leader and then grant them the access they need. Next time they go to log in they will be entered into the leader site.

Creating a new Leader Account

Navigate to Admin - Users - View Users. This is a list of all the active and suspended leader accounts (Portal accounts can be seen on their profiles).

  1. Click the green Add User Account button. This will give you a modal window to add the User.
  2. Start typing the name in the box, and select the person from the drop-down.
    • If they do not yet exist in your Fresh Vine roster, you can add them from here - simply type their full name and click "Create: their name" then enter their email address.
  3. Select whether you are giving them access to the Leaders Site (specific access will be chosen by you below), or the Portal.
  4. If you are creating a Leader account, choose the access groups for this individual. This is your opportunity to make sure the right individuals are getting access to the right areas of your data. You're in charge of the permissions here.
  5. Once you click Create User Account, they will receive an email with a link. Clicking that link will let them choose their password to use for Fresh Vine. It will also verify their email address. Their accounts will be pending until that process is completed.
  6. Tip: You can create more than one User Account at a time - just click the Add Another Person button. This will allow you to give several individuals User Accounts at once. This can be particularly helpful when giving several group leaders access, for example. They will all have the same access to Fresh Vine, so why not do it all at once?
  7. The form the user will fill out to select their password & log in is the same form as for the Portal accounts. However, when they submit the form they will be logged into the Leaders site instead of the portal.

Controlling User Access

Once you give someone a User Account, you also need to give them the appropriate Access, via Access Groups. Fresh Vine is built modularly, meaning that even though you have access to see people's profiles and groups, you may not have access to see contributions. To read more about User Accounts and Access, see the Users Module.

We have preset Access Groups ready for you to use. However, you can create new Access Groups or change the ones that are there. (We recommend you try ours out first, to see how it fits for your community and its needs.)

User Groups are not the same thing as a Group (Groups -> Create Group) you create in Fresh Vine. User Groups are the way we help you manage security via access/permissions for the people who are logging into your Fresh Vine.

Without an account and access, someone cannot use Fresh Vine or get any content from it. Since accounts need selected permissions before becoming active, another level of security is created for your organization's system. Keep in mind that Fresh Vine is a Leaders site, and because sensitive information may be stored, you won't want to give everyone in your community access to Fresh Vine. Keep in mind, however, that you do have the option to enable the Portal, which is built for your community members with limited access.

Your Primary Accounts

We require at least one primary account in Fresh Vine. It would be preferred to have more than one, however. The person/s with a Primary Account have special privileges for your organization. A Primary Account does not need to have full access (system admin)to Fresh Vine but they must have a leader account. They can:

  1. Manage your Billing Information and see your payment history
  2. Request a database backup/snapshot of all your data
  3. Close your Fresh Vine account

General Account Information

The following information pertains to both types of accounts.

Access Log

We keep an Access Log for you in Fresh Vine. This records every time a User logs into Fresh Vine. It keeps the log in the Admin section of Fresh Vine, as well as on each User's individual profile page.

Account Status Levels

When you Suspend or Remove an account any applications that connected to the API will be disconnected.


Keep users Active, who are actively involved and are using Fresh Vine.


Set a User Account's Status to Suspended when they are temporarily not working with your organization. This may be because of a disciplinary action, scheduled sabbatical or any other reason of your choosing. Suspended accounts can be made Active again.


When you create a new leader account it moves into a pending state. It will stay in this state until they finalize their account by setting their password. Once that step is completed their account becomes active.

A portal user may have a pending account if their: 1) email address was already associated with a profile on your roster. And 2) they sent themselves an invitation from the Portal that includes that includes a redirection. This redirection will ensure that when they finalize their account they get sent back to the page they initiated the process from.


Removing a User Account permanently deletes the User Account. It cannot be reinstated. At a later date, you can create a new User Account for that personal profile if you wish. They will have to set up their account again, however with a new username and password.

User FAQ

Why should each individual have their own User Account?

  • First of all, Fresh Vine does not charge you more if you have more user accounts. Secondly, by required each person to have their own account it allows you to better manage transitions in staff and volunteers. If you have a group of people sharing an account then you do not know who is actually access Fresh Vine and the data stored inside.

    When someone leaves you can simply go into Fresh Vine and either suspend their account, or convert it to a Portal account (thus removing their leader access). Furthermore leader sessions are restricted to one active session at a time as a preventative security measure.

How do Access Groups work?

  • When creating new, or editing an existing User Account, you can select Access Groups. Access Groups allow you to give people specific access to certain parts of Fresh Vine. This way, instead of selecting every specific section of Fresh Vine to allow someone access to, you can just select a couple groups.

Can I limit access for certain individuals?

  • Absolutely. You have the option to give individuals limited (or full) access when creating their User Account, or any time after, by editing their User Account.

What if someone with a User Account goes on sabbatical?

  • You can change an individual's User Account Status whenever needed. Navigate to Admin - Users - View Users. Find the individual who's status you need to change, and click Edit. Scroll down to Account Status - you can select Active, Suspended or Removed (See the descriptions of Account Status above).

What if someone is abusing their access?

  • You can change an individual's User Account Status whenever needed. Navigate to Admin - Users - View Users. Find the individual who's status you need to change, and click Edit. Scroll down to Account Status - you can select Active, Suspended or Removed (See the descriptions of Account Status above).

Can I edit existing Access Groups or add new ones?

  • Yep! Navigate to Admin - Users - User Group Settings. Select one of the Access Groups. This will show you what parts of Fresh Vine this particular Access Group gives you access to. You can click the Allow button to add certain portions of modules to an Access Group. You can also add Access Groups from this page.

List of Notifications

This list of notifications is to help you understand the purpose of different notices generated by Fresh Vine.


Access Changes
Anytime the access available to a user is adjusted this notice is generated.

Sent to user managers once a user account is finalized to let them know the process is completed.

When a new account is created for a person they are sent an email to finalize their account. This is done with a pending notification.

Pending user Completion
New User account has been successfully setup. Sent to the user who setup the account.

Status Change
Let the user know that their account status has been changed.

Type Changed
Sent to a user after their account type (leader or portal) has changed.

Sent to a user after they finalize their account (setting their username and password).


Email Sent
Send to the author of an Email when the message has finished sending.


Sent to group leaders when their event starts asking for attendance.


Sent to Group Leaders when their group is approved.

Sent to the group leaders when their group is created.

Creation Requested
Sent to Group Moderators when group is created/requested.

Follow Up
Sent to the group leaders when there are group members who require follow up [Run 6 hours after attendance is entered].

Leader Added
Sent to a user when they are promoted to lead a group.

Leader Removed
Sent to a user when they are removed as a group leader.

Status Changed
Sent to a group leaders when the status of the group has changed.


Sent to the user who uploaded the file to be imported once that file has been processed.

Sent when the import finishes processing we let the user know it is complete.

Expires Soon
Sent when the imported data is approaching it's expiration date.

Sent when the imported data has reached expiration date and was removed.

Sent when imported data has been removed by a user before processing was complete.