Relationships Module

You can easily connect relationships within your Fresh Vine community members. By creating relationships, you have the ability to share giving data between spouses, sync addresses among family members or unsync either of the above to have more autonomous individuals.

Create Relationships

Click + Relationship button when editing a person's profile. Select whether you're adding a spouse, parent, child, guardian, or charge to this individual. If the person is already in your roster, start typing the name and select from the drop-down once you see the name. If they are not yet in your roster, type the first and last name, and click Create 'Name' to add the new individual into your roster while simultaneously adding the relationship.

Click the green Create Relationship button to complete the relationship process.

Blend into Family

By "blending into the family," you will be giving the newly added/connected person the same member type as person 1. If it is a spouse you're connecting, the spouse will also inherit any children the other spouse has.


Set an anniversary for spouses, and Fresh Vine will keep track of the number of years the couple has been married. The anniversary will also be displayed on the community-wide Anniversary Calendar.

Name Order

If you or the couple has a preference as to which name should be shown first, you can set it here. It will be shown this way on any export from Fresh Vine.


There are two types of Syncing you can use when adding and editing Relationships within Fresh Vine; Address Sync & Giving Sync. To turn these on or off, you need to be creating or editing a member's profile. If the buttons are blue, syncing is turned on. If they are grey, syncing is turned off.

Address Sync

Ensures home addresses and locations remain the same between family members synced when enabled. Disable address syncing to allow individuals to have different addresses set from the rest of their family. Example: A child moves out of their parent's house. Unsync to allow the ability to enter a different address for the child, while still maintaining the relationship within Fresh Vine.
*Note: Updating addresses will only affect direct relationships.

Giving Sync

If Giving Sync is enabled, no matter what spouse you look at, you'll see the complete list of contributions for the couple. It will also produce one unified giving statement instead of two. This extends into online giving, where both recurring payments and payment methods will show up on each profile.


Siblings are automatically found through a shared parent.