Profiles Module

Your people are the heart of your community. So it’s the heart of our software. Everything you do within Fresh Vine revolves around the people in your organization.

What is a profile?

People's Profiles tell you a lot about the people in your community. The profile holds everything from their picture, address, phone number and birthday to emails they’ve received from Fresh Vine and events they have attended.


Add a spouse, children, parents, guardians and charges from the profile edit page. When you create a relationship, it creates it on both sides - meaning you do not need to create a wife for the husband, and also create a husband for that same wife. Also, when you add children to a parent, the child will be linked to the other spouse as well, as long as you make sure to "blend into family." If the child is the child of only one of the spouses, do not blend into the family, and Fresh Vine will only place that child with the parent you're editing.

Learn more about relationships and how they work.

Address Syncing

When adding a young child to a parent’s page, you have the ability to sync their addresses. This will cause the child’s address to become the same as the parent’s. When the parent’s address changes, so will the child’s. When the child moves out or goes off to college, simply disable the address syncing so the child can have their own address set, yet still be connected to their parents via the relationship.

Giving Syncing

Giving Syncing is available for spouses. You can enter giving under either spouse, but when you go to send the year-end contribution statements, the giving will be combined into one export. If at any time you need to unsync the giving for a couple, just click the button - the contributions entered for each individual will stay separate.

Who has access to the profiles?

Everything on a person's profile is accessible, based on the permissions you have been given. If you don’t have access to view/edit giving, you won’t see it on a member’s profile page. Most areas of Fresh Vine are modual, and are treated that way so the data you want to stay secure, does.
For a list of what each access level allows you access to, visit "User Group Settings" in the Admin section of your Fresh Vine.

Fields on a Profile

coming soon (options, & explaining how they work)

Contact Information

Here is where you can set phone numbers, email addresses and websites for individuals. Try to keep from duplicating these on multiple profiles. For example, if a husband and wife share an email address, only enter it for one of the spouses. If they both have the same email address listed and you send an email, they will get two, as Fresh Vine sends to each individual with an email address, regardless of if they're duplicates.

Why set contact information? So you can quickly, at the touch of a button, call or email that individual, without needing to copy/paste the information.


We allow for 3 addresses to be stored for each individual - home, work and other. Keeping their address in Fresh Vine allows you to see at a glance where they live, what part of town they're in, and who lives nearby.


By connecting individuals in relationships, you gain access to valuable features in Fresh Vine. Beside the obvious (seeing who is in their family, with links to their profiles), here are a few situations Relationships are used within Fresh Vine:

  • You can set Fresh Vine to automatically send Anniversary emails to couples with anniversaries in the system.
  • Planning a marriage-related event, and need to see who is married? You can filter your roster list by those who are married.
  • Have small children in classes or groups, and need to email all the parents? When sending an email to the group, you can filter the group email list to just email the parents of the children in the group!

Unqiue Identifiers

A unique Identifier allows a profile to be found and distinct from others. There are 3 identifiers Fresh Vine uses to keep things apart. For profiles these Identifiers are:

  • Fresh Vine ID automatically assigned when created
  • Primary Email Address
  • Mobile Phone Number

When importing data Fresh Vine makes the assumption that these values are unique to an individual. While there may be fringe cases where a email or phone is entered for multiple profiles, it should be avoided.

If a couple shares a phone or email it is the best practice to enter the value for the individual who uses it most frequently. This would therefore reflect the real world usage of the contact information (who would pick up if you called).

Merging Duplicate Profiles

Access Required: Community:Roster:Manage
Over time you will find duplicates in your list. This means that more than one profile is being used in your Fresh Vine account for the same individual. What a headache! Instead of trying to figure out what groups, events, giving, and relationships should be where, there is a merge tool.

Using this tool allows you to:

  • Select which profile data to use on the consolidated profile
  • Point third-party applications to the new consolidated profile
  • Automatically consolidate assoicated Data:
    • Additional Profile Data
    • Avatar
    • Email History, Subscriptions, Blacklisting
    • Event History
    • Follow-up Notes
    • Giving Data
    • Group and Subgroup Memberships
    • Payement Data
    • Person Types
    • Relationships
    • Service Attendance History
    • Third Party Mappings
    • User Accounts

It is not possible to un-merge profiles. The scale and scope of data that is consolidated makes this not possible.

Status for a Profile

Not everyone is a part of your community in the same way. People will be active, and other times they will go dormant, or just leave outright. Since Fresh Vine does not charge based on the size of your list there is seldom a reason to remove a profile. Instead you simply change the status of a profile to indicate that they are no longer active. We provide 5 different states for any given profile.


These individuals are currently an active part of your community. These profiles show up in the default view of the rosters and maps.


When an individual has become dormant they would be classified as inactive. These profiles are hidden from default views, but still accessible through the search, and their involvements.

Left Community

Sometimes it is clear that a person will not be returning to a community. It could be that they have moved away, or had some other type of falling out. Marking these profiles with this status will maintain their history, but remove them from default roster and map views.


Death is going to happen to us all, by marking someone as deceased you will maintain their history, but not have them showing up in your rosters and maps.

Changes when marking Deceased
When a profile is moved to deceased this triggers a number of automated functions within Fresh Vine.

  • All active relationships are ended (if an date of death was provided, it is used with their spouse relationships).
    • These relationships will still be on their profile as a previous relationship.
  • Spouses have their relationship status changed to 'Widow'.
  • They are removed as leaders from any group they were leading.
  • Their user account is removed.


Access Required: Community:Roster:Manage
As a last resort you can remove a profile. This will not only remove profile, but also all related involvement entered into Fresh Vine. You cannot remove a profile with giving history, it is attached to a primary user account, or is attached to your user account.
It is not possible to restore removed content

Removing a Profile

Access Required: Community:Roster:Manage
If you choose to remove a profile all the assocated data will also be removed from Fresh Vine. For this reason we recommend that profiles not be removed. Though we understand that sometimes there are mistakes or errors with data entry - so it continues to be an option.

Removing a profile is a permanent and non-reversable action.