Payments Module

The payments module allows you to accept and manage payments through Fresh Vine. In order to make use of the payments module you must setup an account with an integrated provider, and then connect your account with that provider.

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Choosing a Payment Provider

We do not have the ability to process payments on your behalf. To focus on providing the best membership software the decision was made to rely on third party providers for this service. Once integrated your community and seamlessly utilize their payment and donation features within Fresh Vine. All sensitive data is stored and left with your selected provider. Fresh Vine keeps a sanitized form of the data, nothing more than you would find on a receipt from your local coffee shop.

All of our partners have an emphasis on processing payments for nonprofits. But each provider has a different fee structure, and offers different services. This allows you to find the right fee structure and mix of services for the way your nonprofit works. Some of them are 100% focused on online transactions. While others have a selection of real world hardware for accepting payments and donations. We want to make sure that all of our customers can find a great provider to partner with you.

Every integration with Fresh Vine will give you the same experience inside of Fresh Vine. In order to become a partner they must be able to functionally allow the complete integration with Fresh Vine. So let us focus on maintaining and improving your payment experience in Fresh Vine. You keep your eyes and efforts on your mission.

Connecting Fresh Vine and your Provider

This process has been streamlined to ensure it is as simple as possible to get your Fresh Vine account connected to your Payment Provider.

  1. Navigate to the Payment Provider page: Admin -> Payments -> Providers.
  2. Find your Payment Provider, and click on its 'Connect' button. This will open a window to connect.
  3. If you don't already have your credentials locate them by clicking 'Get your Credentials'
  4. Enter your credentials into the form.
    • Earliest Transaction Date: Defaults to 5 years ago, allows you to exclude transactions before this date. Useful if you have previously manually entered contributions.
    • Online Donation Method: Which giving method will all contributions be entered with.
  5. Once the form is filled out click the 'Add Provider & Sync' button.
    This will verify that your credentials are correct, and then perform an initial synchronization of data from your provider. Depending on the amount of data you currently have with your provider this sync might take a couple minutes.
  6. The next step you'll need to map some data between your Provider and Fresh Vine. This is to ensure that data is correctly imported into Fresh Vine. Any unmapped profiles will keep Fresh Vine from importing transactions, and payment methods.
    • Map Profiles: Allows you to connect the donor profiles from your provider with profiles in Fresh Vine.
    • Map Giving Funds: Same as the mapping the profiles, but with funds.

Synchronizing your Data

Once a day your account will automatically synchronize data between your Provider and Fresh Vine. You can sync the data more frequently from the Payments Dashboard by clicking on the sync button.

Daily Sync

Once a day your information is synchronized automatically from your Provider. If any transactions are imported you will receive a notification with a link to view those transactions. If there are any new Donor Profiles, or Funds that require your attention to map you will also receive notifications for those. Once everything is mapped the next sync will bring in data related to those new additions.

Manual Sync

From time to time you might need to synchronize the data before the next automatic cycle. You can do this from the Payments Dashboard. Just click on the green Sync button and let it run. Depending on the number of donors and transactions it may take anywhere from 15 seconds to several minutes. The page will reload when the process is complete.

Data Processed with each Sync

When the synchronization is run it will step through each of the following steps.

  • Payment Sources: Store the available sources: ACH (Savings & Checking), American Express, Diner Club, Discover, JBC, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • Payment Frequencies: What are the intervals for Recurring Payments
  • Donor Profiles: Profiles on file with your Provider
  • Funds: Fund designations on file with your provider
  • Payment Methods: The active payment methods for each donor profile.
  • Recurring and Future Payments: What scheduled payments are upcoming.
  • Transaction History: After your initial sync Fresh Vine will import all new transactions daily, and look for changes to transactions from the previous 6 weeks (to account for refunds and disputes).

Mapping the Data

To successfully import data from a provider we need your help in mapping some data. Every donor profiles created through Fresh Vine are automatically mapped to the profile that created it.

Donors to Profiles

There are three categories here: Unmapped, Mapped, and Skipped. In order to import the donations we need to know who to attribute them to in Fresh Vine. Use this section to map the disconnected donors to profiles in Fresh Vine. If there are profiles you do not wish to import you can skip them.

You can have multiple donor profiles mapped to a single profile in Fresh Vine. This is helpful incase a donor has created multiple accounts in the past with your provider.


These donor profiles are captured from your payment provider. The data here is from their platform and allows you to mroe easily map that donor with a profile in Fresh Vine. Until mapped, any payments made to these individuals will not be saved and is added to the unprocessed transactions total.


These are the donors which have been mapped to a profile in Fresh Vine. You can review these profiles at any time. Generally once a profile is mapped there is no reason to make changes in the future.


For one reason or another you may not want to map every donor from your payment provider. The option to skip lets you clear out your list of Unmapped donors to avoid confusion in the future.

Payments made to skipped donors will not be added to the unprocessed transactions total.


Depending on how your Payment Provider handles funds the process of mapping funds will change. Fresh Vine Payments does not maintain a list of funds. Therefore your funds only need to be enabled/disabled but not mapped. Most providers do have a fund list which you need to map. In order for funds to be synced you need to map the funds. In the case of Fresh Vine Payments any transactions made outside of Fresh Vine will be ignored.

Disconnecting your Provider

Once disconnected from a provider Fresh Vine is unable synchronize. All of the stored credentials will be cleared out.

  1. Navigate to the Payment Provider page: Admin -> Payments -> Providers.
  2. At the top of the page you'll see the provider your account is currently connected to.
  3. Click on the 'Disconnect' button beneath the provider.