Addresses Module

In this Addresses module, we'll be referring to addresses that are set on people's profiles, groups, events and services.

You are able to set up to three addresses for each of your community members. Once your members have addresses added to their profiles, you will then be able to view them on the community-wide map (People -> Roster -> View Roster -> Map View). This is a great way to see where everyone involved in your community lives, and even export lists based on location.

Fields - Editing an Address

When editing an address:

Address Line 1

You have two address lines here. Enter the street address here.

Address Line 2

If you have an apartment number, enter it here.


Enter your city here.


We use the term region in Fresh Vine as the generic placeholder for: states, provinces, and cantons. Though many more countries have regions, they are not required for addresses or mailing and are not included in Fresh Vine.

Supported States

We offer states listed for the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States.

Supported Countries

We support all of the countries! Our list of country names and short 2 character codes is from the ISO-3166 specification. All 249 officially assigned codes are in Fresh Vine. You can browse the official list on the ISO website.

Countries that support Geocoding

First, what is Geocoding?
Geocoding is essentially what happens when you enter an address and it converts it to latitude & longitude that can be used for mapping.

Address Correction

When you enter an address in Fresh Vine, we make sure the address that was entered is correctly mapped. The service we use to geocode addresses provides us with an accurate City, Region, Postal Code and Country.

While Address Correction is enabled, we will correct any incorrect values for those fields when we save the latitude and longitude.

Address Correction is enbaled by default for all addresses unless you opt out. Occasionally addresses are mapped to the wrong location. Most often this will occur with new buildings or new developments that aren't yet in the system. If you run into this, you know you have the address correct, and you'd like to try to get it fixed, contact Google Maps.

If you opt out of Address Correction, the address you enter will not show up on any maps within Fresh Vine.


Add a phone number here. If you're editing a person's profile, this field is for home, work or other phone numbers.


Enter a website if applicable.

Default Address

Select which address (home, work, other) is meant to be their default address. This address will be used on all mapping within Fresh Vine, as well as any exports unless otherwise stated.

Synchorinized With

This Synchronized With list is shown on a person's profile. If they are connected to others in your roster via relationships, and have addess syncing turned on, you will see the list of individuals that share their address.


We only offer synchronizing for person profiles. You can use the synchronizing feature for people in a relationship, with address syncing turned on/enabled.

To enable or disable address syncing, navigate to a person's profile and click Edit. Go to the relationships listed for this person, and you will see buttons, allowing you to enable or disable address syncing.

Address Syncing ensures home addresses and campuses remain the same between family members synced when enabled. Disable address syncing to allow individuals to have different addresses set from the rest of their family. Example: A child moves out of their parent's house. Unsync to allow the ability to enter a different address for the child, while still maintaining the relationship within Fresh Vine.

Note: Updating addresses will only affect direct relationships.

Who can edit addresses?

If you have access to the item, you have the ability to edit the address. So, for example, if you have group-leader access, you can edit the address for the group. If you have access to Services, it gives you the ability to edit the address for services. Access is given by User Managers in your community.