Important Policies Overview

Our Terms of Service is the agreement that outlines the legal policies for the use of Fresh Vine and includes the needed parts from below. However we know that most people don't read the TOS for services they use. This is a simple and user friendly outline of the primary policies for use of Fresh Vine.

Data & Content

For the sake of this section please understand Data to mean information stored in a database, and Content to mean all other content uniquely related to your account (mainly uploaded files, and images).

Backup & Management

Losing data is the worst. We are hyper vigilant to ensure we don't loose anything. All your Data and Content is stored on duplicated servers with regular backups. Data is backed up on a daily basis, and Content on an ongoing basis.

These backups will not be used for user errors or to recover content removed by users. Instead they are maintained to ensure we never loose any of your data to hardware or software failure.

Requesting your Database

We believe that all the data in Fresh Vine is yours. While it won't work too well without an active Fresh Vine account, we will give it to you whenever asked for. This can be helpful for external projects, or if you're moving to a different membership platform. There is no support provided for the structure of the database or what will become of the data. Fresh Vine will never restore data from a backup supplied to a customer.

Please Note that we will never restore an account from a database back up given to a customer. We maintain our own backups incase of system failure. Once data is supplied to a request, it is no longer our responsibility and is out of our control.

Who can ask for our Database

Only primary user accounts may have their requests for a database fulfilled. We do our best to respond to these requests within a few days. You can make a request for the data to be sent directly to a third party - simply include the contact information for whom we should send the data. One of our engineers will fulfill your request.

If you are asking for databases on regular and/or frequent intervals we will stop fulfilling your requests. The alternative, if you need regular access to data, is to use our API through the developers site at

Retention of Data & Content

Your data & content is retained for every account after its closure. This is the period where an account may be re-opened and have all their data and content in place. Accounts that are closed do not have access to their data. If you need access to your data you will need to re-open your account.

  • Trials - 14 days after the trial expires
    A trial account is any account which never entered payment information

  • Subscribed - 90 days after account was locked
    Subscribed accounts had at one point paid for their account

DMCA Takedown Requests

Any takedown request for copyrighted material must prove the follow:

  • You own - or an authorized agent of - the copyright for the work in question.
  • That the instance of use is not covered by Fair Use.

It is your responsibility to prove that a violation has occurred. This is part of the process for defending your copyright claim.

Email & Spam

One of the major parts of Fresh Vine is our Email campaign system. It allows you to send emails to your community directly from Fresh Vine. You cannot use this system to send spam. We have a zero stance policy for spam. You cannot use a purchased list within Fresh Vine or your account may be terminated and fines assessed.

Who can we Message

You can send as many messages as you wish to individuals who:

  • Personally gave you their email address.
  • Understood that giving you their email address would result in getting messages from you.
  • Have not expressed their desire to stop receiving messages from you.

What is defined as spam

Your account is prohibited from using Fresh Vine to send spam. Doing so can result in your account being immediately closed and a fine imposed (minimum of $225 with no upper limit). Spam is roughly defined as any or all of the following:

  • Sending any message to an individual that did not request it.
  • Sending the same or substantially similar unsolicited messages.
  • Sending a message with false contact information or that misrepresents who you are.
  • Sending any message to a purchased or otherwise acquired list.

Subdomain Reservations

A subdomain is the URL used to access a Fresh Vine account. Demo would be the subdomain for One subdomain is reserved for every account in Fresh Vine to use for accessing their content. A subdomain is reserved during the sign up (staging) process, and is used throughout the life of an account. These are allocated on a first come first serve basis. We release subdomains in line with our Data Retention policy with 2 unique caveats.

  • Staging - 72 hours since the last change
  • Trials - 14 Days after trial expires
  • Subscribed - 90 days after account was locked
  • After a Subdomain Change - 45 days after new subdomain is implemented.

Right to Refuse

While we have yet to refuse service to any community - we reserve this right. We will only exercise this right against organizations that are explicitly hateful. We believe in discourse and diversity, that unpopular opinions might change the world for better. Holding unpopular opinions is not hateful. Explicit and directed statements of violence may see accounts closed.

At the end of the day we built and maintain this platform so that communities can transform their corners of the world.