A Brief Overview

Fresh Vine is membership software, designed for nonprofit communities. This guide will explain the various apps, modules and settings within Fresh Vine, from high-level explanations to step-by-step instructions.

"A Brief Overview" below, will lay out the important apps that are part of Fresh Vine, the main modules within the Leaders Site, and how each of them are intended to be used, and by whom.

Leaders Site

The Leaders Site is the main portion of Fresh Vine. It contains the bulk of the functionality of Fresh Vine. We offer additional ways (Portal, Concierge, Event Kiosk) to access the data and functionality of the software, but in more limited ways. The Leaders Site is built to help the leaders in your organization better understand who the people are in your community and how they're involved.

The Leaders Site is intended for use by key leaders in your organization. For some this may simply be the staff. For others, this could be staff, volunteers and other individuals with responsibility in the community. You can control the access each Leader User Account is given.


The Portal is the place your community members can log in. It is meant as a supplement to the Leaders Site. The Portal can be turned on or off by Leaders in your community. Portal members get invited by the organization to join the Portal. Portal members are able to update their own personal information and that of their immediate family, as well as see some of their personal data.

The Portal is intended for use by any member in your community that you give access to.


The Concierge is another supplement to the Leaders Site. It is an abbreviated version of the basics of the Leaders Site. It is meant to be used as a "quick-add or change" to member's basic information. The Concierge is to be used by a Leader. It is a great tool to be able to quickly add a new person to your Fresh Vine roster. For example, once they're added, you can seamlessly check them into your event using the Event Kiosk app.

Event Kiosk

The Event Kiosk is another supplement to the Leaders Site. The Event Kiosk allows you to easily check people in to an event, and print nametags if desired. The Event Kiosk works in tandem with the Leaders Site, using roster lists from the Leaders site, and pushing back attendance from the Event Kiosk.

User Accounts (Leaders Site)

You need a User Account to log into any of the Fresh Vine Apps (Leader site, Portal site, Concierge site and the Event Kiosk).
User accounts are managed by the Admin(s) in your community.
User accounts can be granted, suspended, or revoked as needed.
User accounts need specific access given to them. This is done by assigning each individual User one or more Access Groups.

Access Log

We keep an Access Log for you in Fresh Vine. This records every time a User logs into Fresh Vine. It keeps the log in the Admin section of Fresh Vine, as well as on each User's individual profile page.

User Access

Once you give someone a User Account, you also need to give them the appropriate Access, via Access Groups. Fresh Vine is built modulally, meaning that even though you have access to see people's profiles and groups, you may not have access to see contributions. To read more about User Accounts and Access, see the Users Module.

Profiles (Leaders Site)

Profiles are core of Fresh Vine. Profiles show you how people are involved and engaged in your community. They show events they've attended, emails they've received and read and groups they're a part of. It's your one-stop-shop to seeing the best ways you are able to engage and draw them in.

Events (Leaders Site)

Events are a great way to keep track of how people are engaged with your community and the things going on in it. Create events for the whole community, or for specific groups. With Events, you're able to keep notes on how things went, and as keep attendance for those events as well. Using Events allows you to make use of the Event Kiosk as well, streamlining your larger events so that attendance taken via the Event Kiosk is automatically logged in Fresh Vine.

Groups (Leaders Site)

Groups can be used in several ways. Create a group for any type of group that meets, that is affiliated with your organization! You could create small groups, staff, or volunteer groups. It's all up to you. You can create subgroups within the groups. With Groups, you're able to email the members of the group, leaders of the group, parents of kids in the group or spouses of those in the group. Create Events for a group so you're able to keep track of what each group does, and how people are involved and connected to your organization on a regular basis. The possibilities of how you can best use is are endless.

Donations (Leaders Site)

Part of your organization probably includes keeping track of donations that come in. We've made that easy with our giving module. You can manually and very quickly enter donations that come in from each individual in their earmarked fund. Or set up online donations with one of our amazing giving partners so your community members can give to your cause online. By utilizing online donations, we've removed the need to enter contributions manually, and integrated with our giving partners to automatically sync the donations in Fresh Vine. For more on Online Donations, see the "Payments" module.

Communications/Email (Leaders Site)

There is a robust Email Campaign system in Fresh Vine. No more need for another third-party email campaign system (Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Vertical Response and other third-party services). Fresh Vine combines your roster (whole community and/or groups) with the Email Campaign system to give you a seamless way to send your messages without copying & pasting lists from one platform to another. We've taken the guess work out of creating beautiful email templates, so your messages look great and professional, every time you send one. Send a message to your whole community or to specific groups. Filter the list to include only certain people in your community, so you can effectively target your messages to those people, making them even more effective.