Customizing Fresh VIne

Fresh Vine has built the framework for you to do amazing things for your organization - all you need to do is customize a few things to make it tailored to your community. Below is a list of areas within Fresh Vine you're able to customize to better fit your needs.

Setting Addresses

Why?: Setting an address for your organization is crucial. We map your organization's address, and center the main map on it. When you add member's addresses to the roster, you'll notice they pop up on the map surrounding your organization's location. This can be especially helpful in planning events around the city or even finding a new location to meet at.
The same thing goes for Group addresses. Group maps will center over the address entered, and you'll be able to see where everyone in the group lives, helping you make better decisions.

Where?: You can set your organization's address at Admin - Settings - General Information.

People Types

Why?: People types are a crucial customization for many communities. Using People Types allows your organization to continue to use the language you're already familiar with, in how you discuss and classify different groups of people in your community.
By inputting a description, other leaders in your community using Fresh Vine will have the same understanding of what each member type denotes. Setting a default will help you save time in the future by automatically assigning a member type to individuals as they're entered into the system.
You can also filter lists by People Types - can be very useful in sending emails to certain types of people, without needing to put people in a specific Group.

Where?: You can set up your People Types at Admin - Settings - People. Select one or more as a default, and each time a person is added to Fresh Vine, they will automatically be assigned that type/s. You can change an individual's People Type by editing their profile.

Group Categories

Why?: Set your group categories the way you refer to them in your community. Group Categories are the umbrella under which individual groups are put into. Does your organization have "Small Groups" or "Sports Groups" or "Study Groups" or "Youth Groups"? Group Categories are intended to have more than one group under it, so you are able to easily filter down the specific types of Groups for ease of use.

Where?: Set your Group Categories at Admin - Settings - Groups - Add + Category.
To assign a Group Category to a Group: This can be done while creating a new Group, or Editing an existing Group.

Giving Funds

Why?: If your organization accepts monetary donations, you need an easy way to keep track of those gifts. Setting Giving Funds gives you organization-specific funds in which your people are giving to. Setting these funds will allow you to enter giving very quickly, all with the correct monies going to their corresponding funds in Fresh Vine.
This is also crucial when using Online Giving or Payments, as Giving Funds will need to be mapped from your payment provider of choice to Fresh Vine.

Where?: Set your Giving Funds at Admin - Settings - Giving.
Use your already set-up Giving Funds when entering Giving at People - Giving - Input Giving.

Giving Templates

Why?: Most organizations keep track of more funds than are used on a regular basis. You can use Giving Templates to put funds used frequently or for a particular event/situation into a template. A Template can be used when manually inputting giving data and when generating statements and reports.

Where?: Set your Giving Templates at People - Giving - Manage Templates.
To use them in entering giving, go to People - Giving - Input Giving, and select the Template before starting to enter Giving.

Uploading Logos

Why?: Your logo is the easiest way for people to connect with your brand. When you add your logo to Fresh Vine, we'll use it throughout the software to build your brand awareness and to comfort your community, letting them know that Fresh Vine is a tool you've decided to utilize. The logos will appear on the login page, in notifications sent by Fresh Vine and other places as well.
Where?: Set your community's logo at Admin - Settings - General Information.