This Reflects the Billing module release in October 2015

Our goal is to have the most simple approach to billing possible. There is a one-time setup fee for new accounts, and a monthly subscription fee that is paid in advance. That subscription fee is based on the number of people involved in an average month.

How much does Fresh Vine cost

To see our current pricing please visit the Pricing Page on Fresh Vine. This will be the most up to date and current pricing we offer.

All of our rates are based on the number of involved people in your community per month.

Who counts as 'involved'

One of the challenges at selling software to nonprofits like yours is the diversity in their efforts. Yet every one of these communities has an internal way to understand who is involved. We simply have decided to trust you and how you understand your community.

The goal is to be understanding and flexible.

What if we don't meet monthly

That's OK! You simply need to get a rough average as to what your monthly number would be over the course of a year. If you only have one large event a year – and those who attend are the only people you consider involved – you would divide that attendance by 12. So if it’s 2,400 people you’d have an Involvement number of 200/mo.

Everything included at every rate

Thats right, no matter the size of your community you get access to all of Fresh Vine. No surprises - just the same rate, the same day, every month.

How can we pay?

We accept the following credit, debit, and bank cards for payment; Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

We do not accept bank transfers, or checks. This policy exists because of the extra overhead in managing, tracking, and processing these forms of payment.

Our Organization doesn't have a card

We understand that not every community will have a card to use. But this does not mean you have to miss out on Fresh Vine!

Have a trusted staff member or volunteer use their personal card and reimburse them. Everyone who is marked as a primary user in Fresh Vine will receive all of the invoices and there are no surprise charges. Simply pay them back what is spent on Fresh Vine each month.

Managing our Billing

The goal is to have an approach to billing that is transparent, clear, and straight forward. There should never be surprises.

Who can make changes

The billing module is available to any primary users in your Fresh Vine leader site. These individuals are able to change the card used to pay, change your monthly billing rate, and close your account. These users are also going to receive all of the billing related notifications from Fresh Vine.

Emails and Notifications

Everyone who is able to access your billing in Fresh Vine will also receive these emails and notifications.

There are minimal emails. We send out one a few days prior to your billing, and one as a receipt for each invoice. There are also the expected emails for cards that are expiring, your account being past due, and whenever changes are made to your billing.

By sending these notifications to each of the primary leaders it ensures that everyone is aware of changes and the state of your account.

Changing our Rate

Anytime changes are made to the billing on your account every primary user with your account receives an email stating the change that was made. This ensures that any errors made can be corrected before an issue is encountered. Nearly every change will not result in immediate billing, but rather will be applied at your next billing date.

Once a year we will prompt you to confirm or update your billing rate.

How soon are changes applied

Any changes made to your account are immediately applied. You will not be billed anything until the your next billing cycle starts. That means when your next billing date comes long your new card, or rate will be used. If your account is new, or suspending your card will be processed immediately.

When is our Billing Date

This is the date that you signed up for Fresh Vine. This date is displayed with prominence inside of the billing module along with a countdown until your next due date. In the case where your date does not occur in a given month - you will be billed on the first of the next month.

Exception: Communities that signed up prior to 2011 had billing dates set to the 20th or 21st of the month with a pro-rated first month.

Canceling our Subscription

You can easily cancel your subscription to Fresh Vine at anytime. Your account will stay open for the remainder of the current cycle which you have paid for. Once your account is canceled your primary users will receive a few emails as the last day gets closer. If you're billing date is the 15th, the last day your account would be accessible is the 14th.

At this point we treat canceled accounts in the same way as accounts which are past due on their payment. Your account is locked, and if you need access to the data again you can simply have a primary user login and enter a valid payment method. The account will be opened immediately.

Once your account has been closed long enough the data will be purged from our servers, and your domain name will be released back for others to use.

Restarting a Subscription

If service has been suspended for any reason you must restart your service in order to access your data. To restart your account an individual with a primary account must login and enter valid payment details.

If your account has already had its data & content removed you cannot restart its subscription. Instead you must create a new account.

Upon restarting your service your card will be billed instantly for the upcoming month of service. Your billing date will also be reset to the current date. There is not a new one-time fee for restarting service.

Common Questions

Billing my card failed, what happens now?

Every account it billed on the day they started their subscription to Fresh Vine each month. If your card fails to process it will be tried the next day, and then three days after that. At any point before the third attempt your card is successfully processed everything is grand.

However if the card is not processed then your subscription will be canceled. You can restart your subscription from your login page at any point prior to the data being removed.

Can I get a Refund?

We do not provide refunds. Fresh Vine is a service that is provided as is. Your monthly subscription gives you access to this service after you pay for it. This approach ensures that we both receive exactly what is expected. As a subscriber you receive a month of access to Fresh Vine and all that includes. As the provider we are paid for the service we are providing.

How do I suspend service

Suspending service it easy. When you cancel your account it will automatically suspend your service after the end of the current billing period. At that point you will have a fixed duration of time to restart your service before your data is removed. That duration is defined in our Data & Content Policy. Anytime between your account being suspended, and the removal of your data you can reactivate your account.

If you need to suspend your service beyond the normal data retention period one of your primary users must fill out a support ticket. Let us know how long you'll need to suspend your account for and why you need to suspend your service for that long. If it's reasonable request that we are able to accommodate, we will.

In the response to your ticket we will let you know the date we've set for the removal of your accounts data. You must re-activate your account prior to this date or your data & content will be removed.

We do not allow for indefinite suspension of an account. There is a real cost to maintaining the data and content.

Our account was Removed, but...

It sounds like you want to come back to Fresh Vine. This is awesome, but there is some bad news. Once an account is removed all the associated data is destroyed. There is nothing we can do to help you get or use the data from before. Your organization will need to setup a new account. When you setup a new account you'll also need to pay the setup fee again.

I charged the wrong card

Well thats a bummer. And unfortunately there isn't anything we can do for what is done. Make sure you correct the card on file in your Fresh Vine account for the next month, and that you work out a way to make a payment between your two accounts.

Are there any discounts?

There are no discounts for Fresh Vine. We've already priced Fresh Vine as low as we can. Building and maintaining software is an expensive endevor. We have been fortunate build our business from the ground up in a very frugal way. This allows us to keep our rates low for you.