Fresh Vine Leaders Site

The Fresh Vine Leaders Site is our bread & butter. This is most likely where Admins & Leaders in your organization will spend the majority of their time. The Leaders Site is by far the most robust application we offer, and helps you do a lot.

This is not a fully comprehensive list, but it will give you an overview of what is all in the Leaders Site. For more information and details on how to get these areas set up, or for questions you may have, check out the corresponding Module.

General Info


A Few More Details

Well, the Leaders Site really does a lot. Lets list this out quickly (this is not a fully comprehensive list):


  • Use the Leaders Site easily on any computer or mobile device! We have built the software to be responsive - essentially meaning it changes and responds to whatever size device you're using.
  • Submit Support Tickets, whether they're for bugs, feature requests or just a question!


  • See a high-level overview of how your members are involved.
  • Manage your member roster. Import profiles from a spreadsheet. Filter your roster, export it, view it on a list or map.
  • Manage individual profiles. Add Relationships, contact info, view attendance history, groups they're a part of, emials they've received.
  • Add individual's contact info when you're out and about, and run into someone from your community (on your phone!).
  • Input giving data quickly with your customized funds.
  • View Giving Reports, export year-end statements and use our Giving Partners for easy online giving.
  • Create events and keep attendance - for the whole community or for specific groups.
  • Manage your regularly meeting Services, along with classes that meet during those services, attendance, and other metrics you want to keep.
  • Send customized Email Campaigns - to your whole community or specific groups.


  • Create and manage groups - or let your group leaders manage their own groups!
  • Create Group events.
  • Keep Group attendance.
  • Get Attendance follow up prompts for those who have missed events.
  • Send Group emails.
  • Moderate Groups - allow your key leaders to keep track of how groups are doing, and if they can help in any way.


  • Set everything - from your organization's contact information, to people types, additional info, group categories, and giving funds. The Settings are for you to customize Fresh Vine to how your organization needs it.
  • Manage your User Accounts. Give individuals appropriate access to Fresh Vine.
  • View which Fresh Vine Apps are connected to the Leaders Site.

Connected Apps

  • Allow and set access to your Community Portal (an extension of your Leaders Site) for your members.
  • Connect the Event Kiosk to your Leaders Site, so you can seamlessly check people in to your Services and Events.
  • Make use of the Concierge Site in conjunction with your Leaders Site to quickly and simply add new members to Fresh Vine.