When you get your Fresh Vine account, you get a lot. We want Fresh Vine to be a helpful tool for your community to use, so we've included several applications available to you.

Leaders Site

The Fresh Vine Leaders Site is our bread & butter. This is most likely where Admins & Leaders in your organization will spend the majority of their time. The Leaders Site is by far the most robust application we offer, and helps you do a lot.

More Details

Well, the Leaders Site really does a lot. Lets list this out quickly (this is not a fully comprehensive list):

  • See a high-level overview of how your members are involved.
  • Manage your member roster. Import profiles from a spreadsheet. Filter your roster, export it, view it on a list or map.
  • Manage individual profiles. Add Relationships, contact info, view attendance history, groups they're a part of, emials they've received.
  • Input giving data with your customized funds and fields. View Reports, export year-end statements and use our Giving Partners for easy online giving.
  • Create events and keep attendance - for the whole community or for specific groups.
  • Manage your regularly meeting Services, along with classes that meet during those services, attendance, and other metrics you want to keep.
  • Send customized Email Campaigns - to your whole community or specific groups.
  • Create and manage groups - or let your group leaders manage their own groups! Create Group Events and keep attendance, and send group emails.
  • Allow and set access to your Community Portal for your members.

Portal Site

The Portal Site is Fresh Vine's "public" site, where your community members can log in. They get your online directory of members (set by you), and can edit their own basic contact information, as well as that of their immediate family.

More Details

  • Portal settings are set by Admins, and those settings are done in the Leaders Site.
  • Members are given access by you prior to them being able to log in.
  • Members need to create their own, unique login to gain access to the Portal.
  • Members can view their own giving you've recorded in Fresh Vine (or contributions they have given online).
  • More features will be added in the future. Stay tuned!

Event Kiosk

The Event Kiosk is a great tool to use for your events. It allows you to check people in to your events, with or without internet access. With internet access, it instantly syncs with the Fresh Vine Leaders Site to make sure your attendance is saved, and your work is done.

More Details

  • Check people into specific Classes or Services with the Kiosk.
  • Connect a label printer to easily print nametags, claim tickets and bag tags for your members.
  • Without internet access, use all functions of the Event Kiosk! Simply connect your computer to the internet later, and sync the data with the Fresh Vine Leaders Site.

Concierge Site

The Concierge Site is a simple, but can be an extremely useful tool for your community. The Concierge Site is most useful in conjunction with Services and the Event Kiosk, but can be used on its own as well. With the Concierge, you're able to add new individuals, families, view who is checked in to which class, and quickly search for members.

More Details

  • The Concierge Site helps you to quickly add a new person or family to Fresh Vine in an instant.
  • View the Activity Today to see who is checked in to a Class or Service. This is a great way to find out what room an individual is in.
  • Quickly search for members in your community. This will give you a member's basic information, as well as which class they may be checked into.
  • Use the Concierge Site to help your check-in process using the Event Kiosk go much smoother with new visitors. For example: If new families come to your Service and they'd like thier kids to join the other kids in a class, simply add them via the Concierge Site. Walk them over to the Event Kiosk and practically instantly, they're added to Fresh Vine and will be available to be checked in using the Event Kiosk. Now when you check them in, the child gets a nametag printed that looks just like all the other kids' nametags.


Coming Soon!