Fresh Vine Concierge Site

We've built the Fresh Vine Concierge to use in conjunction with the Event Kiosk.

What really is the Concierge?

The concierge does several simple, but really helpful things. When you have an event occuring and are taking attendance for said event, the Concierge becomes a useful tool.

  1. New Person: New guest to your event? Pull up the Concierge to quickly add their basic info to Fresh Vine.
  2. New Family: Adding a new family to your roster list is simple with the Concierge. This also works great if they have children, and you'd like to use the Event Kiosk to check them into the event and have a nametag print for them immediately.
  3. Activity Today: This shows all Events/Services and classes meeting during those Events. It also shows you the attendance for each of those events and classes. You can click to expand any of the items to view who has been checked into that particular event/class.
  4. Search People: You can instantly search your entire roster to update profile basics.

Where do I find it?

Log into your Fresh Vine account. There are two places the Concierge is linked to in your Leaders site.

  1. The Home Dashboard (the first screen you see once you log in). On the right side of the page, you'll see your picture or avatar. Under that, you'll have links to certain parts of the Leaders Site, as well as to open the Portal and Concierge (assuming those are both enabeled in your Fresh Vine Admin Settings).
  2. Click the User icon in the upper right corner of the top navigation. This will also give you direct links to certain areas of Fresh Vine - the Concierge included.

We'd recommend you bookmark the link if it's something you use on a regular basis.

Does it work well on mobile?

YES! We've created the Concierge to work great on a mobile device. We'd suggest opening the Concierge on your mobile device, and then "add to homescreen" - this will add a custom Fresh Vine icon to your device's homescreen that will open directly to the Concierge webpage.

How do I use it?

Open your community's Concierge site. Log in. Click the button you need, and type in the information! The Concierge syncs with the Fresh Vine Leaders app immediately, so anything you add will be in Fresh Vine.

Once logged in, your account will stay logged-in for up to 2 hours of inactivity. This timeframe is so that the Concierge is open and available to you during events you may have. If you have an event longer than two hours and you need to make use of it after the event, you may need to log in again. Because of the limited nature of the content in the Concierge, there is not as much of a concern about leaving it open for two hours for security reasons.

Use Case

You have a weekly gathering, open to new visitors. It just so happens that you have a brand new family check out your event, and they'd like to check their child into a kids class or child care that is happening during the event.

You meet the new family and introduce yourself. As you're learning a bit about them, they mention they'd like their child to go to the class while they enjoy the main event. You grab their names (along with the child's name)and enter them into the Guest Registration in the Concierge. You click Register, and walk them over to your Event Kiosk.

As you're walking over, the Fresh Vine Concierge sends the new info over to the Fresh Vine Leaders Site. The Leaders Site syncs with the Kiosk. All information is synced and up to date - all in a matter of seconds.
You arrive at the Kiosk (just steps away), and enter the last four digits of the new family's phone number. They show up in your Kiosk, ready to be checked in!

The parents are happy. Their child has a nametag, just like all the other kids. You can use the optional claim tag to provide an extra layer of security. Train your team to only allow children to leave with an adult that has a matching claim tag. All is right, and all it took was a simple entering of a couple names and a phone number.

Who can use it?

If you have a Leader's Account with access to the roster, you can make use of the Concierge. We've made it fairly accessible, because of the limited scope of what you are actually able to do in the Concierge.