API HTTP Response Status Codes

The status code responses are explicitly set. Pay your response code and (wikipedia) you can easily understand the outcome of your requests.

The HTTP Status Codes utilized by the Fresh Vine API listed below. Each also has a simple description of when you can expect to encounter them in the wild. It can be helpful to listen for response codes to help determine if your request correctly processed.

2XX - Success

200: OK

Everything has gone as expected. This is the default status and should be expected with every get request.

201: Created

Creation of new item successful. See the response data to learn more about the new content.

204: No Content

Removal of content was successful: The response you will receive upon the successful removal of an item or data by your request.

3XX - Redirection

304: Not Modified

There have been no changes to the resource since your last request of it.

4XX - Client Error

400: Bad Request

The request was invalid. An accompanying error message will explain why.

401: Unauthorized

Authentication credentials are missing/incorrect. You're attempting to access the API without supplying the required token.

402: Payment Required

Account you are connected to is overdue on their subscription payment.

403: Forbidden

Attempting to access a resource outside of your authenticated scope. This can happen after authentication if the user account has their permissions altered.

404: Not Found

Resource item/s that you are requesting do not exist.

405: Method Not Allowed

The request method is not among the available for the request.
Example: fetching a person with a POST request.

406: Not Acceptable

Required criteria is not present to finish processing a request.

429: Too Many Requests

You've exceeded the number of requests you are allowed to make during a given time period.

5XX - Server Error

These errors will likely not return content in a format that is usable. You should ensure that however you are making your requests that you escape out on all 500 level server errors.

500: Internal Server Error

Something is broken, really bad. Let us know so that we can bring things back online.

502: Bad Gateway

Fresh Vine is current offline for upgrading or scheduled downtime.

503: Service Temporarily Unavailable

Fresh Vine is online but far to popular at the moment. Try again later.