Auth Approach: Dialog Modal

Dialog Modals (generally used with oAuth) is a obiquitious approach to API authenticaion. We have a complete oAuth/dialog workflow that you can use with your application. This approach does not require the user to leave your platform to enter data into Fresh Vine or generate a key - instead it relies on a modal window that you can often integrate into your application.

Ease of use for the User
Many of the Fresh Vine users would not describe themselves as very comfortable with technology. Because of this, if you are building a service or tool you hope to see wide adaptation for - dialog modals are the way to go. It allows the user to simply enter their credentials and grant you access. No copy/pasting, or sending keys around.

Clear definition of Permisions Used
Fresh Vine covers a lot of ground and users have access to different parts of the software. Using the dialog modal approach allows users to see what permissions your application requires - and clearly shows that what permissions they might be lacking.

Authentication Flow

Step 1) Launch the Modal

If you do not have a valid tokens you need to start the process by requesting a device code. The only 1 is required client_id:

  • client_id
    Required This is your application id.
  • scope
    Optional Comma seperated list of your scope values. When not set your device code will generate with the default scope set for your app.
  • state
    Optional Customized state that will persist through initial tokenization.

The grant_type is assumed based on the request URI to be device_code and any set value will be ignored.